Professional Services

ITE is structured to permit rapid response for either short-term or long-term engineering support and services. ITE may prime or team with other companies on an as-needed basis to meet project requirements.

An example of a short-term project (about one year) ITE responded to design, build and export electronic boards for an allied navy.

An example long-term project is a sales engineering and product support program for SIMSMART Technologies of Canada and their Engineering Suite ship production and design tool software product, engineering services, and TPTS training systems software.

Other agreements are in place with Fairmount Automation and 3eTI with their products and services described in other sections of this website.

ITE also has supported allied international navies in their acquisition of US Navy hardware and software so that they can stay in synch with the USN.

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For a discussion of how ship design tools can improve the ship TSDC ship design process, please see the discussion on the home page and the Technical Papers Tab::

"Achieving Human Systems Integration through Design"

Published in June 2003 by

American Society of Naval Engineers (ASNE)

Published in October 2003 by

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)


Rev 05/25/2007

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