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Commander Joseph Famme, U.S. Navy (ret.)


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Mr. Famme serves as President.

Mr. Famme holds a B.S. degree in Industrial Management from San Diego State University (1960), and a Masters Degree from the Naval War College, Newport, RI. (1975) Commander Famme served in the US Navy as a Surface Warfare Officer in seven ships over twenty-three years.

Naval service included:

  • MPA/DCA and First LT, USS Churchill County (LST-583), 1961-2
  • Operations Officer USS Jerome County LST-848, 1962-3
  • Assistant ASW Officer USS Wiseman (DE667) an Electric Drive DE, 1964
  • Pre-Com crew 1st LT, USS Josephus Daniels (CG-27) 1964-66
  • Student Naval Destroyer School 1967 Class 18, 1966-7
  • Operations Officer USS Southerland (DD-743) . Aboard Southerland LT Famme completed two combat tours to Vietnam:
    • 1968 NGFS and SAR Ops including being in Danang Harbor the night Tet Offensive started ... then maximum speed to the Sea of Japan in response to capture of USS Pueblo.
    • 1969 saw a second deployment to Vietnam with NGFS and SAR operations
  • Operations instructor, Prospective Commanding Officer Course at the USN Destroyer School ('69 - '72).
  • Executive Officer, 1972, USS Joseph Hewes FF-1078, 3rd deployment Vietnam, including an Around the World Cruise, Newport west to Newport. . then the Med for the Arab-Israeli War '73. Following the '73 War LCDR Famme coordinated the operational testing of the Navy's first Tactical SQR-18 Towed Array Sonar system in Eastern Mediterranean; highly successful and resulted in major changes ASW tactics and strategy.
  • LCDR Famme attended the Naval War College 74 - '75 where one of two thesis papers was, "Active and Passive Sonar: It is Not a Zero Sum Game," showed that the Navy required the best of both active and passive sonar to win.
  • Aide to the President, Naval War College, '75-'76 and was promoted to Commander.
  • CDR Famme served as the Fleet ASW Readiness Officer for Commander Surface Forces Pacific.
  • Command of USS Cook FF-1083 '77-79, where he was able obtain and install new ASW passive wide-band elements for the ship's SQS-26 sonar that proved their importance by detecting previously undiscovered underwater communications between Soviet "research" vessels and submarines off the California coast.
  • Director of Tactical Training, Fleet ASW Training Center Pacific '79'-83, where staff taught ship and coordinated ASW tactics including passive Target Motion Analysis techniques as used by US submarines.

CDR Famme was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal in 1983 for his role in the design of the new Device 14A12 ASW Team Tactical Trainer, one of the Navy's first distributed microprocessor based training systems, based on previous development of an ASW part-task / team trainer for the SQR-18 Towed Array Sonar using COTS computers.

Following Navy retirement ’83 Mr. Famme joined Singer-Link, opening and operating the Western Regional Office in San Diego, California. Link specialized in DoD training simulation systems for Navy ASW and Tactical Training, P-3 and S-3 ASW aircraft flight simulators, Blue-Gold FBM submarine crew training, C4I and Army Maneuver Warfare training. A variation of the Army maneuver warfare trainer was made and used to provide civil C2 for training for Emergency Management personnel in California cities and counties in response to major earthquakes.

In ‘88, Mr. Famme was promoted to National Director of Government Products Marketing for the Singer-Link, Silver Spring Operation, MD.

In ’90 as Singer-Link transitioned to its new owners as CAE-Link, Mr. Famme initiated a new start up as Director of the CAE Naval Ship Control and Machinery Control Systems product line. By ‘93 Mr. Famme positioned CAE-Link to win a $23M NAVSEA contract to design, produce and test the US Navy's first distributed-Microprocessor based, Standard Monitoring & Control System (SMCS). The SMCS completed testing in 1996 and was selected as the Machinery Control System for the first SMARTSHIP, USS Yorktown (CG-48). Subsequent Navy machinery control systems have been based on the SMCS architecture, including LPD17 and DDX (later DDG1000).

Mr. Famme has authored numerous ASNE / SNAME technical papers [see Technical Papers Tab] describing naval control systems,  applications of physics for verification and validation of automated control systems and related reduced crew manning; also electronic data exchange between Physics design modeling CAD design tools. These projects lead to the creation of the U.S. Navy's "total ship models ship's Hull, Mechanical and Electrical (HM&E) systems, and later, a CG-47 Class Combat Systems and ANZAK frigate model for V&V and training.

Following retirement in ’94 from CAE-Link, Mr. Famme started BDCI Inc. to assist CAE Electronics, Canada, successfully market a variant of the U.S. Navy Standard Monitoring & Control System for machinery & damage control systems to international navies. Subsequent "SMCS" sales were achieved in Australia / New Zealand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, UAE, Germany, Netherlands and the UK.

The need for additional professional services  in support of other US and international customers lead to the formation of ITE Inc. in 1996.

In Department of Defense Command and Control, 1999 2011, ITE supported the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) where ITE conducted, through the AFCEA Education Foundation, a Professional Development 5-day, Professional Development Courses, twice annual covering the US Joint Global Command and Control System (GCCS-J). In support of Homeland Defense, Mr. Famme also served on the Board of Advisors to the National Institute for Urban Search and Rescue in the 1990s, including being on the Governor of California's Committee for Earth Quake Preparedness.

Mr. Famme also earned a Commercial Pilots License (IFR - Instrument Flight Rules).


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