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Marketing and Sales Representation

ITE focuses on representing companies in the Washington DC and Northern Virginia areas with emphasis on sustaining or entry into the huge defense department market.

ITE services are particularly valuable to small and mid-sized companies that do not have a full staff of professional DoD marketing / sales personnel, or to larger companies that require augmentation of their marketing / sales resources for a targeted program.

Market Analysis

A key to successful market entry is knowledge of the market. This can be difficult for companies that do not have representation in the Washington / Northern Virginia area. This area includes the Congress, Pentagon, many of the systems commands and research laboratories, and all of the prime contractors. Most of the professional societies also call this area their home. Knowledge of the market comes from the synergy of this activity combined with access to the program offices, research facilities and technical libraries that are located in this area.

International Marketing and Sales

Just as the Washington DC / Northern Virginia area is key to US DoD sales, so is the area key to international marketing and sales. Every country maintains an embassy with a military attaché staff in this area. In parallel, each of the US services support offices for foreign military sales (FMS). The international officers attend most of the technical conferences and symposia offered by the many professional societies located here. Clearly, the Washington area is the place to see and be seen.

ITE specializes in representation in Canada, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

ITE has the experience to effectively represent your international company in the US DoD market.

Rev 5/1/05

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