For an engineering agency or company, OUTSOURCING a portion of your engineering requirements, services and business development (marketing and sales) functions is particularly valuable in today's bottom line oriented, global economy.

Outsourcing benefits include:

  • Augment your staff when and where needed, especially to meet surge requirements
  • Gain specialized expertise such as creating "physics" models (simulation based design) to verify that your designs are fully optimized
    • Reduce Risk
    • Reduce Cost
    • Capture your design (intellectual property) electronically for re-use
  • Gain a fresh perspective and focused energy
  • Obtain a view that spans U.S. and international markets
  • Network for improved market intelligence
  • Improve your company profits through reduced engineering and business development expenses
  • Reduce hiring bonuses, termination costs and deferred medical/retirement costs

ITE specializes in leveraging the power of virtual company / teaming relationships with companies and consultants to provide your company with combined expertise for engineering products, services and business development resources as needed, when needed.

Rev 5/1/05

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