Welcome to ITE Inc. and our web page in support of the NAVSEA SEAPORT 1 and SEAPORT Enhanced Professional Services contracts:

  1. N000178-01-D-7017 - Computer Science Corporation (CSC), Link
  2. N000178-04-D-4071 - ITE Inc.


This web page will be used by ITE to communicate with potential customers regarding the capability of ITE and its partners to provide world-class professional support services for all NAVSEA Program Executive Offices, Directorates, and Field Activities (Zone 2 & 4) in support of SEAPORT.

Point of Contact

For information related to to the SEAPORT IDIQ contracts please contact Mr. Ted Raitch: traitch@ITEinc.US

ITE Supports Ten SEAPORT Functional SOW Areas in the Table below.

** Each numbered line in the Table Below is a LINK to a Page that:

  •  Lists the numbered Navy SOW requirements
  •  Describes "What" the ITE Team can do
  •  Describes "How" the ITE Team can work with you



** LINKS to Functional Areas are Numbered IAW RFQ SEAPORT-e SOW:


  3.1       LINK: Research and Development Support


  3.2      LINK: Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support


  3.3      LINK: Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis Support


  3.7      LINK: Reliability, Maintainability, and Availability (RM&A) Support


  3.8      LINK: Human Factors Engineering Support


  3.10   LINK: Configuration Management (CM) Support


  3.11   LINK: Quality Assurance (QA) Support


  3.14   LINK: Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support


  3.18   LINK: Training Support


  3.19   LINK: In-Service Engineering, Fleet Introduction, Installation and Checkout Support


SUMMARY of Team Member Capabilities and Areas of Expertise

  • Please click: Team Experience or TAB at top of page.
  • ITE Inc. - www.ITEinc.US
    •   Strategic Planning
    •   Program Management
    •   Subject Matter Expertise
    •   Business Development
    •   Sales Representation U.S. and International
    •   Purchase Representation for International agencies and navies for U.S. services and products
    •   Engineering Services
  • Simsmart Technologies -
    •   Product: Engineering Suite
    •   Product: Total Platform Training System (TPTS)
    •   Engineering Services
    •   Program Management
  • Fairmount Automation -
    •   SmartValves  
    •   Advanced Fire Suppression Systems
    •   Rugged. Mil-Std RTU Enclosures
    •   Control Systems
    •   Advanced Survivable Ship Control System Architectures
  • 3eTi -
    •   Rugged Mil-Std Wireless Communications
    •   Integrated Condition Assessment Systems (ICAS)
  • Condition Based Maintenance and Mission Readiness
    •   Dynamic Analysis 
    •   Condition Based Maintenance
    •   Equipment Health Monitoring
    •   Mission Readiness

***  CAD Verifies that Systems "FIT" ***

***  Physics Models Verify that Systems "WORK"  ***

Rev 5/22/2007

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