SEAPORTe Task Orders

ITEs participation in the SEAPORTe program has provided the visibility and connections that are key to bringing together many teaming relationships described on this page and as as described in the adjoining SEAPORTe sections on Team Experience and Team Products.


Contract N00024-01-D-7017 (SEAPORT 1) MAC Team Member

TASK Order 001 (CSC SOW S-9222)

International Technology Engineering, Inc. (ITE), and their subcontractor, SIMSMART, Inc. (SSI), supported the LHA(R) design effort through the development of a connector for integration of system models in SIMSMART™ with system models in a CAD package being used to support US Naval ship design and construction.


The objective of this development effort was to maximize design reuse and interoperability by linking the SIMSMART™ system simulation product to the ship design CAD package in a robust manner. Initial development focused on a generic interface to SIMSMART™, by extending earlier work done through the National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP) Integrated Shipbuilding Environment (ISE) projects. The interface utilized the ISO STEP Shipbuilding Application Protocols in conjunction with XML data exchange. Later work linked this generic interface to one or more of the ship design CAD packages.


ITE and SSI worked with CSC to insure that the connector development meets requirements derived from anticipated usage of the SIMSMART™ product during LHA(R) Preliminary, Contract and Detail Design. This project was completed successfully in 2004.


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