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Participating in technical symposia and writing technical papers is an important way to participate in the DoD market. The technical papers provide important information to the DoD customers and company participation in the writing / presentation process provides excellent company visibility within the targeted market segment.

ITE has authored and assisted companies author technical papers for U.S. and international engineering symposia.

ITE Authored and Co-Authored Technical Papers and PPT Slides are linked below:

  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    ASNE Advanced Machinery Technology Symposium,
    May 25-26, 2016
    Villanova University Connelly Center, Villanova, PA

            "Advancing Ship Battle Damage and Response by Integrating Distributed and Hull System Models"

          CDR Joseph Famme (Ret,), Dr. Chang-min Lee Ph.D., Mr. Noel Angeles, Mr. Tobin McNatt, Mr. Ted Raitch, CDR Mike Rimmer RN (ret.)

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  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    ASNE Intelligent Ship Symposium
    May 20-21, 2015
    University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Center, Philadelphia, PA


            "Intelligent Physics Reference Models to Improve Ship Readiness, Responce to Battle Damage and Reduce TOC"


                 CDR Joseph Famme, Dr. Chang-min Lee, Mr. Ted Raitch, Mr. Tobin McNatt

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  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    ASNE Day 2013 Crystal City, VA
    February 21-22, 2013
    Hyatt Regency, Crystal City, VA


            "Capstone Strategy to Mission Ready Ships"

                 Joseph Famme, ITE and Fidel Sanchez, JHU/APL

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THEME: Preservation of the historic roles of navies and U.S. history, from Thomas Paine to Admiral Mahan forward, including the essential role of the U.S. Navy in WWII is essential to build America's future navy. Ships, the American Navy, are both Mahan's "Naval Power" and "Sea Power" that entwines defense with the economy, character of the people and government. Use of the Capstone Strategy process as embodied in the CNO, Admiral Holloway, redraft of NWP-1 to the 1(A) version,1978, led to selecting the optimum tactical and strategic Ship Characteristics that were incorporated into the DDG51 Class for the benefit of our Nation. Newer ships, as an example, like LCS, intentionally skipped Capstone Strategy analysis and six years after delivery their missions and contributions to Naval and Sea Power are still being debated.

Also, in reference to Capstone Strategy, please read the new book, "How We Lost the Seas," Seth Cropsey, 2013, as reviewed in the Wall Street Journal, July 14, 2013, by Admiral Gary Roughead, USN, (ret.) former Chief of Naval Operations. Is the responsibility for U.S security now being passed to China? This ASNE paper and the book by Mr. Cropsey argue the questions. Strategic supremacy lost is not easily regained. Since 2009 the USA has unilaterally forfeited its supremacy in space and depends on Russia to visit the U.S. Space Station.. Is America now on a course to forfeit its naval dominance and the freedom of the seas?

  • American Society of Naval Engineers, Naval Engineers Journal  March 2012

       "Combatant Ship Engineering, A Different Approach,"
    (Published in ASNE Naval Engineers Journal, 2011 VOL. 123 NO.4, page 91).

               View this paper Here  Combatant%20Ship%20Engineering,%20a%20Differnt%20Approach%203-18-2012

    The author, Mr. Charles Gallagher (Captain USN ret.), Gallagher Associates LLC, is a long time associate and fellow coauthor with ITE for Technical Papers. 

  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    Intelligent Ship Symposium IX 2011
    Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA
    May 25-26, 2011

       "Objective Model Based Ship Control Systems"

                     CDR Joseph Famme, Mr. Michel Masse, Dr. Chang-min Lee, Mr. Ted Raitch

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  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    ASNE Day 2011Crystal City, VA
    February 9-11, 2011
    Hyatt Regency,

         "C2 to the Tactical Edge" (Selected as one of Top Three papers and published in ASNE Naval Engineers Journal, 2011 VOL. 123 NO.3, page 57).

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                CDR Joseph Famme USN Ret., Lt(N) Bryan Price (former RCN), Mr. Ted Raitch (former USAF), Lt. Cdr.Jim Davison, Royal Navy (ret.)

  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    ASNE Day 2009
    National Harbor, MD (Washington DC)
    April 8-9, 2009

         "Performance Based Design for Fleet Affordability" (Published in ASNE Naval Engineers Journal, 2009, VOL. 121 No. 4, page 117).
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    CDR Joseph Famme USN (ret.), Captain Charles Gallagher (USN (ret.), and Mr. Ted Raitch
    (Former USAF)

  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    Automation and Control Symposium 2007
    Beloxi, MS
    December 11-12, 2007

         "Survivable Computing Environment to Support Distributed Autonomic Automation"

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  • Interservice / Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC)
    Orange County Convention Center
    Orlando, FL
    December 6-9, 2004

         "A Total Ship-Crew Model to Achieve Human Systems Integration"

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    the PPT slides (3.4MB) (Draft 11/28/04)

  • Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
    World Maritime Technology Conference and Exposition
    San Francisco, CA
    October 17-20 2003

         "Achieving Human Systems Integration through Design"

         (Includes, "Achieving CNO Sea Enterprise Objectives through Design")

    this PDF document (252kb)

  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    Human Systems Integration Symposium
    Fairfax, VA
    June 23-25 2003

         "Achieving Human Systems Integration through Design"

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  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    21st Century Combatant Technology
    Biloxi, MS
    27-30 January 1998

         "Smart Ship: The Use of Commercial Off the Shelf Technology"

  • Eleventh Ship Control Systems Symposium
    University of Southampton, United Kingdom
    14-18 April 1997

         "Naval Platfor
    m Control Systems: 2015 and Beyond"

    this PDF document (311kb)

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  • Institute of Marine Engineers
    International Naval Engineering Conference
    Den Helder, Netherlands
    March 1995

         "Evaluation of Commercial Technology for Platform Control Systems of Naval Ships"

  • International Maritime Exposition
    London, England
    April 1996

          "Automation of Control Systems for Ships and Submarines"

  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    Intelligent Ship Symposium
    June 1994

         "Ship Systems Automation Technology"

          Suggested a premise for what later in 1994 was announced as the USN Arsenal Ship Program


    this PDF document (108kb) PPT Slides

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  • American Society of Naval Engineers
    ASNE Day
    Washington, DC
    May 1992

          "Integration of Ship Control Systems for Total Ship Survivability"

  • Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
    Submarine Symposium
    Laurel, Maryland
    May 1992

          "Affordability: The Use of Integrated Ship Control Systems to Reduce the Cost of Submarines"

  • Society for Computer Simulation
    Emergency Management Track
    May 1992

          "The Need for Open Standards in Emergency Management Simulation"

  • Naval War College
    Command and Staff
    December 13, 1974

          "Ethics in National Security Decisions"

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